Tohoku University
Institute of Fluid Science

Nanoscale Flow Research Division
Biological Nanoscale Reactive Flow Laboratory

Sato Laboratory

Our Laboratory aims at a fundamental study and applications of "plasma medicine", which is expected to become a next-generation medical technology, through the studies on activation and inactivation processes of cells, development of a plasma sterilization method, phenomena of reactive flow dynamics and nanoscale flow dynamics for a gas-liquid plasma and interactions between a plasma flow and cell/bacteria.


丂Plasma has been applied to a wide range of fields, and it is necessary to approach from different points of view, e.g., electric, chemical, material, and thermal fluid fields. We study about generation and transportation mechanisms of radicals by plasma flow at atmospheric pressure generated in gas-liquid flow, interaction mechanisms between plasma and biological objects, bubble generation and collapse processes by gas-liquid plasma flow, and numerical analyses of reaction processes. Also, we promote the basic research for the practical use, through joint researches with universities, research institutes, and companies all over the world.

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