Presentation style of OS18 in ICFD2020

In the past ICFD, the youngbird/student session adopted the short oral presentation and the poster presentation. In this ICFD as a virtual conference, we try a new style of presentation. This page is a developing version of OS18 home page.


The videos we have collected will be posted and shared starting on October 28th. You can access the page of the presentation collection through the official program provided by the secretariat of ICFD2020. (Refer to "Manual for Webinar") Q and A will be carried out through the comment section under the LONG presentation video. Which means that the presenters are free and do not have to be ready throughout the whole 3 days. We also have prepared an award for outstanding presenters. The evaluation of the award will be held on the 30th. Be sure to answer the comments by the end of the 29th. We will also consider the number of likes on the presentation video. Please like and comment on the presentation which you think is great!


Youtube will be used to show the presentation and to communicate the presenter and audience. The links of each movie will be provided as UNLISTED (Only the participants in ICFD will know the URL to access each movies). OS18 requests all presenter to submit TWO MOVIES as follows.

Short presentation movie (1min 30sec)

This is the alternative of short presentation. The time of this movie is 1min 30sec. Please pick up the highlight of your research and make a brief summary. We will make Playlist with these short movies. The audience will get the overview of all presentations in OS18.

Detailed presentation movie (10min)

This is the alternative of the poster presentation. Please prepare enough information to understand your research.


  • Submission of two kinds of movies for the presentation in OS18
  • MP4 is preferable file format
  • No restriction on the way of recording and editing of movie

  • Contact

    email: (English and Japanese are available)
    Please contact us if you have no access to Youtube.

    Playlist of short movies (Example)

    Short presentation catalog

    Detailed presentation list