Targeted Research Division,
Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration
Research Center

Intelligent Nano-Process Laboratory

Seiji Samukawa

Associate Professor
Tomohiro Kubota

Assistant Professor
Takeru Okada

Assistant Professor
Weiguo Hu

     To fabricate next generation nano-scale devices, plasma, beam (ion and neutral beam), atom manipulation and bio-nano processes must be precisely controlled. This laboratory plans to study the interaction between reactive species (electrons, ions, atom, molecular, radical and photon) and material surfaces. Additionally, based on atom and molecular processes, future bio-nano processes have been also investigated. Our goal is “Intelligent Nano-Processes” by combination of digital processes (atomic layer processes) and simulations of surface chemical reactions.


Precise plasma processing


Environmentally harmonized plasma processes for future nano-devices

     Environmentally harmonized new gas chemistry for high-performance SiO2 etching is proposed.Our newly designed CF3I/C2F4 gases have a very low global warning potential and achieve a high-performance etching through the selective radical generation in the plasma.


Silicon dioxide etching using environmentally harmonized new gas chemistry



Fabrication of 3-dimesional nano- structure using beam technology

     To accomplish highly efficient and selective surface reactions in 3-D nano-structure processes (chemical vapor deposition, etching), a high-performance, multi-beam (positive ion, negative ion and neutral) generation system has been developed.

50nm Precise Etching Processes
using Neutral Beam

Ultrathin Oxynitride Film Formation

On-wafer-Monitoring System

Bio-Nano Processes

      On-wafer monitoring and sensing systems are developed for precise control of plasma, beam and atom manipulation processes on the surfaces.

     New advanced nm patterning techniques for future generation devices are developed using a protein and DNA.

On-wafer monitoring system in plasma
6nm metal electrode pattering using 2D protein
(including metal core in protein) crystal

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