Privacy Policy
 1. Appropriate Management
   We shall collect, use, furnish, and otherwise handle personal information in accordance with
   the law and establish a system to protect and manage personal information.

 2. Notification of the Purpose of Use
   We shall notify the purpose of use and contact information, and shall collect, use, furnish,
   and otherwise handle personal information, with exceptions, as stipulated by law.

 3. The Use of Personal Information
   We shall limit the use, furnishing, and handling of personal information to the scope of
   its intended purpose, with exceptions, as stipulated by law.

 4. Furnishing of Personal Information to Third Parties
   We will not provide personal information to third parties or use it for the purpose
   without agreement, with exceptions, as stipulated by law.
   However, your personal information may be converted into statistical or aggregated data
   which cannot be used to identify you and then used to produce statistical research and

 5. Disclosure / Correction / Removal of Personal Information
   We will respond appropriately and promptly to consultation requests received for our
   handling of personal information. If you request that we disclose your personal information,
   we will fulfill your request without delay and in compliance with applicable laws and

 6. Security Measures for Personal Information
   We shall implement organizationally and technologically reasonable measures to prevent
   and remedy the risks associated with the unauthorized access, loss, destruction,
   falsification, and breach of personal information handled.

 7. A Continuous Improvement in Personal Information Protection
   We shall implement improvements in our personal information management systems and
   widely disseminate personal information protection and management systems within ICFD

 8. Observation of Law and Regulations of Personal Information
   We shall observe applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, social norms, and public order
   relevant to the safeguarding of personal information.

 9. Revision of the Personal Information Protection Policy
   We shall implement improvements to our personal information protection policy as
   deemed necessary. We will update these changes on this page.

 If you have any queries, please contact the ICFD Secretariat.
 ICFD Secretariat
 Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
 2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8577
 TEL & FAX +81-22-217-5301
 E-mail: (Please convert "+" to @)

 This privacy policy has been drafted after refferring to the original Japanese
 Privacy Policy of Tohoku University.

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