Green Nanotechnology

Seiji SamukawaUltra-high-functional semiconductor devices typified by ULSI, TFT, and solar cells support the IT revolution of the 21st century, which is embodied in such products as intelligent and networked household appliances. These devices are manufactured by means of thin-film material deposition and processing technologies that utilize microparticles such as electrons, atoms/molecules, ions and photons. We are also considering introduction of bio-technologies into future nano-devices. At Samukawa Lab, we conduct research on ways to generate charged particles (positive and negative ions, electrons) and neutral particles (atoms/molecules) and associated acceleration technologies (including beam technologies), as well as research on particle flow and the latest bio-nano processes. Through these efforts, we are working to develop ultra-precise microfabrication (etching) technologies, formation (deposition) technologies for highly functional thin films, and various kinds of surface processing technologies. Our goal is to realize "Intelligent Nano-Processes" through the fusion of physical experimentation and computer simulation. Moreover, we are deeply concerned about the global environment, and the development of environmentally harmonized new nano-processes is another important goal for us.

Samukawa lab's management policy

Samukawa laboratory aims at the pursuit of the happiness of the student and the staff working here through a study toward the world.
1 April 2014
Seiji Samukawa

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