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Invited Speakers

Supercooled Liquids and the Glass Transition

Experiment C. Austen Angell Arizona State University, USA
''Slow Processes in Liquids and Biomolecules: Ergodic versus 'Quench-then-Look' Strategies.''
Mark D. Ediger Wisconsin University, USA
''Self-Diffusion near the Glass Transition Temperature: Influence of Spatially Heterogeneous Dynamics.''
Akihisa Inoue Tohoku University, Japan
''Stabilization of Supercooled Metallic Liquid and Bulk Glassy Alloys''
Alexei Sokolov University of Akron, USA
''Dynamics of Complex Systems: from a "Simple Liquid" to a Protein''

Theory Pablo Debenedetti Princeton University, USA
''Thermodynamics of Supercooled Water''
Kia Ling Ngai Naval Research Laboratory, USA
''From Fast Caged Dynamics to Slow Many-body Coupled Dynamics in Complex Systems''
Matthias Sperl Technische Universität München, Germany
''Dynamics near a Higher-Order Glass-Transition Singularity''
H. Eugene Stanley Boston University, USA
''Slow Dynamics of the Complex Fluid, Liquid Water''
Gilles Tarjus Lab. de Physique Theorique, France
''The Glass Transition of Liquids: A Theoretical Approach in Terms of Frustration''

Simulation Kurt Binder Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Germany
''Computer Simulation of the Glass Transition in Thin Films''
Sharon Glotzer University of Michigan, USA
''Cages, Clusters and Conga Lines: Anatomy of a Supercooled Liquid''
Peter Harrowell University of Sydney, Australia
''Crystallisation and Local Order in Glass-Forming Binary Mixtures''
Walter Kob Universite Montpellier II, France
''On the Relaxation Dynamics of a Rigid Rod in a Disordered Environment''
Srikanth Sastry JNCASR, India
''Dynamics and the Glass Transition in Liquids''

Complex Fluids

Experiment Sow-Hsin Chen MIT, USA
''Neutron and Light Scattering Studies of the Liquid-to-Glass and Glass-to-Glass Transitions in
a Copolymer Micellar Systems''
Georg Maret University of Konstanz, Germany
''Glass Transition in a Two-Dimensional System of Magnetic Colloidss''
David A. Weitz Harvard University, USA
''Jamming Phase Diagram for Colloidal Particles''

Theory Mike Cates University of Edinburgh, UK
''Glass Transitions, Jamming and Colloid Rheology''
Hartmut Löwen Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf, Germany
''Colloidal Suspensions Driven by External Fields''

Simulation Berni J. Alder Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
''Molecular Dynamics Compared to Hydrodynamics for Rayleigh-Taylor Instability''
Robin C. Ball Dept. of Physics, University of Warwick, UK
''Granular Materials as a New State of Matter''

Polymer Dynamics

Experiment Alan J. Heeger UCSB, USA
''Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron Transfer: "Superquenching" as a Route to Biosensors Using Luminescent Conjugated Polymer''
Dieter Oswald Richter Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
''Intermediate Length Scale Dynamics in Polymer Melts''

Theory Philip Pincus UCSB, USA
''Polyelectrolyte Animals and Slow Modes''
Michael Rubinstein University of North Calolina, USA
''gGellingh Transition of hydrophobic Polyelectrolytes''

Simulation Kurt Kremer Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
''Polymer Melts and Networks: The Polymer Entanglement Concept Revisited''

Biological Systems

Experiment Steven Chu Stanford University,USA
''Watching Molecular Systems Work, One at a Time''
Ivar Giaever Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
''Electrical Impedance Analysis of Mammalian Cells''
Didier Roux CNRS, France
''Shear Instabilities in Lyotropic Lamellar Phases : Toward Rheochaos''

Simulation Murugappan Muthukumar University of Massachusetts, USA
''How DNA Worms through Protein Channels''

Complex Systems

Experiment Daniel Beysens CEA-ESEME, France
''Dynamics of Liquid-Vapor Phase Transition under High Frequency Vibrations''
Yuri Feldman The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
''Non-Debye Dielectric Response in Complex Systems at Mesoscale''
Ronald G. Larson University of Michigan, USA
''The Flow and Adsorption of DNA Polymers near Surfaces''

Theory Rudolph Arthur Marcus California Institute of Technology, USA
''Electron Transfer in Fast and Slow Media''

Special Guest Speakers

Junichi Nishizawa President, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan
''Pioneering Work of THz Wave and Its Application for Molecular Sciences''

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