Institute of Fluid Science

The3rd International Symposium on

Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems

November 3-8, 2003 ---- Sendai, Japan

Density Fluctuations

Topics / Invited Speakers

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Main Topics
Supercooled Liquids and the Glass Transition, including spatial and dynamical heterogeneities, \alpha and \beta relaxations, excess wings, stretched exponential behavior, equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems, thermodynamics-kinetics-dynamics, and etc.
Complex Fluids, including Colloidal Suspensions, Emulsions, Granular Materials, MR (ERR) Fluids, and etc
Polymer Dynamics, including thin polymer films, heterogeneous polymers, and etc.
Biological Systems, including DNA, RNA, protein holding, vesicles, brain and consciousness problems, and etc.
Complex Systems, including Superconductors, Phase Separations, Nucleation, Crystallization, Neural Networks, Fractals, and etc.
Special Guest Speakers to be confirmed, including Dr. Junichi Nishizawa, and more.

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