The Tenth International Symposium on

Advanced Fluid Information
Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration

  Sendai International Center, Japan
November 1-3, 2010
  AFI/TFI-2010 will be held with ICFD2010. Detailed information is available in website of ICFD2010. 


The term, "Advanced Fluid Information" (AFI) was created at Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University to signify the paradigm shift in fluid dynamics research (experimental, numerical or theoretical) and its application with the help of both distributed and powerful computational technologies. The Symposium on Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration (TFI) has aimed to address transdisciplinary fluid problems arising in various research fields such as environmental science, life science, information technology, and nanotechnology. It is our great pleasure that we hold the Ninth AFI/TFI symposium, combined with the TFI symposium, AFI/TFI-2009, from November 4 and 5, 2009 in Sendai. This symposium is anticipated to foster a productive dialogue among participants and to generate excitement and interest in the field of Advanced Fluid Information and Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration.
This symposium will be composed of two sessions: Workshop on Sustainable Atomization and Spray Technology, IFS Collaborative Research Forum (poster session). Workshop on Sustainable Atomization and Spray Technology will be organized by integration of Energy, Nano-Micro and Aerospace Cluster in IFS. It will discuss the latest developments in sustainable atomization and spray technology closely related to the promotion of green innovation. IFS Collaborative Research Forum aims to review the collaborative research projects founded by IFS, starting from this year. IFS Research Exhibition will present research activities performed in IFS.
The first AFI symposium was held in 2001 in Zao, Miyagi. The conference consists of 12 invited lectures as well as 13 parallel sessions on subtopics. Under the 2001 invited speakers' encouragement, the organizers decided to host a similar large symposium in every three years, while a smaller, more focused mini-symposium is to be held in the interim years. The second symposium was held in 2002 in Tokyo and focused on fusion of EFD and CFD. The symposium was organized in a single session, allowing for presentation and in-depth discussion among the entire participants. The third symposium was held in 2003 in U.S.A., to increase the conference visibility and significance in the world audience. For easy access for participants, Syracuse University Lubin House in New York City was selected to facilitate the small-time for in-depth presentation and active audience interactions on biomedical and environmental quality issues. The fourth symposium was held in 2004 together with the first Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration (TFI) symposium. Based on the success of AFI research, IFS has established a new research center, Transdiciplinary Fluid Integration Research Center, in April 2003. The center is responsible for research and aplication of integrated experimental and computational approaches to solve transdisciplinary fluid problems in various science and engineering fields. The fifth AFI symposium was held in December, 2005 in IFS. This symposium was held in collaboration with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). In 2005, IFS and JAXA came to the global agreement to promote researches on aerospace sciences. In AFI-2005, latest works on the scope of aerospace, rarefied gas, plasma, and biofluid were presented and discussed in the oral or poster sessions. The second TFI symposium was held in October, 2005 in Hyuga, Miyazaki, on of the best subtopical climate area. The sixth AFI symposium was held in October, 2006 at JAXA in Chofu, Tokyo cosponsored by JAXA and IFS. Latest works on the scope of Aerospace Science/ Technology focusing on MEMS/NANO technologies, and Bio-fluid Science/ Engineering were presented and discussed in the oral or poster sessions. The third TFI symposium was held in June, 2006 in Matsushima, Miyagi to further explore the potentials of the TFI technologies especially from the aspect of "Shape Modeling and Analysis in Fluid Science". The seventh AFI symposium combined with fourth TFI symposium, AFI/TFI-2007 was held in December, 2007 in Tohoku University. The symposium was held as the 100th anniversary of Tohoku University event, applied to wide spectrum of fluid sciences including aviation weather and safety, biological flows, nano-processing, thin film development, advanced visualization. The Eight AFI/TFI symposium, AFI/TFI-2008, was held again in December, in Sendai. The focus of AFI/TFI-2008 was on nano-processing, such as the nano-scaled heat and flow phenomena, bio-nano applications, and the damage-free nano-scaled devices.
We hope that this symposium will promote the further development and collaboration in the fluid science.

   November 1, 2010
Jun Ishimoto
Chairperson of AFI/TFI-2010
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The Tenth International Symposium on Advanced Fluid Information and Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration(AFI/TFI-2010)