The Twelfth International Symposium on

Advanced Fluid Information
Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration

  Hotel Metropolitan Sendai, Japan
September 19-21, 2012
  AFI/TFI-2012 will be held with ICFD2012. Detailed information is available in website of ICFD2012. 


The term, "Advanced Fluid Information" (AFI) was created at Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University to signify the paradigm shift in fluid dynamics research (experimental, numerical or theoretical) and its application with the help of both distributed and powerful Information and Communication Technology. Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration (TFI) Research Center was established at IFS in 2003 to address transdisciplinary fluid research arising in various fields such as space, energy, life science and micro and nano-technology. This AFI/TFI-2012 symposium is anticipated to foster productive dialogues among participants and to generate excitement and interests in the fields of AFI and TFI.
This symposium is composed of two sessions: TFI (presentations from laboratories of TFI Research Center) and IFS Collaborative Research Forum (short presentations and poster session). TFI session is organized to summarize the ten-year research results at TFI Research Center. IFS Collaborative Research Forum aims to review and encourage collaborative research projects. We wish this symposium promote further collaboration in the field of fluid science.

   May 1, 2012
Shigeru Obayashi
Chair, AFI/TFI-2012


Please refer to the page for history of AFI/TFI.


Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration(PS2 in ICFD 2012)
  IFS Collaborative Research Forum (PS1 in ICFD 2012)  
  IFS promotes collaborative research between researchers of institutes in and outside the country and those of IFS on research topics related to fluid science in aerospace, energy, life science, nano-micro technology, and other fundamental fields. IFS holds this forum in order to present the results of collaborative research and exchange between researchers.
For more information about IFS Collaborative Research Project, please access to the website.




  Shigeru Obayashi (IFS, Tohoku University)

International Advisory Committee

  P. H. Alfredsson
R. E. A. Arndt
C. E. Brennenn
C. O. Chui
D. J. Economou
C. Fernandez-Pello
K. Giapis
T. Hayase
H. C. Hege
A. Meade
J. Qiu
K. Saito
H. E. Stanley
S. Takagi

Local Organizing Committee

  Hidemasa Takana (IFS, Tohoku University)
  Yuriko Takeshima (IFS, Tohoku University)
  Kenichi Funamoto (IFS, Tohoku University)
  Kazushi Miyata (IFS, Tohoku University)

In cooperation with

  The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 
  The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics 
  The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences
  Heat Transfer Society of Japan
  The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow
  The Japan Fluid Power System Society
  Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
  The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Visualization Society of Japan
  The Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Therapy
  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  Combustion Society of Japan

Hosted by 

Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
(AFI Research Center, TFI Research Center)
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The Twelfth International Symposium on Advanced Fluid Information and Transdisciplinary Fluid Integration(AFI/TFI-2012)