Design of Structure and Flow in the Earth Laboratory

Creative Flow Research Division

Design of Structure and Flow in the Earth Laboratory

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We undertake study on “structures” formed by the Earth and the “flow” in the system. Subsurface plays an important role on long-term and large-scale energy circulation systems (i.e., productions of energy resources and geothermal energy, and repositories of CO2 and nuclear waste). Since structures of the rock are complex, the geological developments require integrated design in natural fluid flow. We pursue research on transport phenomena in heterogeneous fractured rocks and design of sustainable energy systems for forging mutually beneficial relationship between human beings and nature.

Design of sustainable geo-energy systems

Geothermal energy can provide a sustainable energy system by creating water circulation due to reinjection of used water. We propose methodologies for designing well conditions (e.g., positions, temperature) based on tracer test.

Geometric fracture characterization and fluid flow experiment

Fracture structures are evaluated in geometries, and flow experiment is conducted to reveal the relationship between the structures and the hydraulic properties. By using samples created by a 3D printer, we can examine several aspects of fluid dynamics in fractured rocks.

Characterization of transport phenomena in complex media
Complex fractured rocks generate anomalous transport phenomena, which cannot be described by conventional transport models. Nonlocal models (i.e., fractional diffusion models) are developed to reproduce complex transport phenomena.
Design of Structure and Flow in the Earth Laboratoryy