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Electromagnetic Functional Flow Dynamics Laboratory

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The Electromagnetic Functional Flow Dynamics Laboratory conducts research on creation of novel flow functions using an electromagnetic field and development of innovative flow systems for the environment, energy and material processes.

Improvement of Electromagnetic Energy Systems and Plasma Assisted Combustion

The insulation capability of compact gas circuit breaker has been improved through optimization of transient rapid cooling process of exhaust gas. The radical production by DBD plasma has been clarified numerically and experimentally for plasma assisted combustion of a lean mixture in an automobile internal engine.

Environmental Purification by Reactive Plasma Flow System

The multiple bubble plasma jets system and mist plasma tube flow system have been developed for establishment of high performance water treatment system. Moreover, DBD plasma tube has been developed for efficient collection of polluted particles with purification.

Optimization of Plasma Flow Systems and Functional Liquid Flow Systems by Flow Control

Electromagnetic thermofluid fields of plasma flow, magneto-rheological fluid and ionic liquid are clarified and optimized by flow control for establishment of plasma flow system for in-flight particle processes and MR fluid plug system for shutting leakage flow and bleed stopping.

Electromagnetic Functional Flow Dynamics Laboratory