The objective of establishing this unattained energy research center is to develop and strengthen studies of fluid science related to the energy field, which this institute set as a goal and which has been deployed cross-organizationally, and which shall act as the center of strong promotion of studies for utilization of unattained energy, for which effective energy conversion has been only slightly possible using conventional technology, and which is the key to resolution of energy issues by conducting diverse energy studies based on fluid science and by mutually cooperating with different fields and academic areas.
 To realize an efficient, economical, and innovative energy utilization system in basic energy and new energy fields through collaboration of diversified energy studies in fluid science, this center promotes research efforts related to the conversion of unrealized energy resources for which effective energy conversion has been only slightly possible using conventional technology, storage, transportation and management of the energy.  Particularly, we promote research of innovative green nano-devices using intelligent nano-processes, research into extensive utilization of the crust with the intention of resolving global environmental issues and energy problems, creation of high-exergy-efficiency combustion technology based on new concepts of combustion technology to be used in an era of diverse fuels, construction of highly efficient and innovative energy utilization systems to cope with social needs such as reduction of environmental loads and recycling society using micro-combustion, microgravity combustion and high-temperature oxy-fuel combustion as the mainstay, development of intelligent sensors and monitoring technology aiming at realization of improved conservation of energy plants and energy-saving of equipment, development of non-destructive evaluation technology, research into construction of energy-saving systems using low-friction system, development of innovative multiphase fluid analysis methods based on the fusion of supercomputing and advanced measurements and research of creation of environmentally conscious multiphase fluid energy.