First International Conference on Flow Dynamics

Access to Sendai

The majority of overseas participants will arrive at New Tokyo International Airport (Narita). However, direct flights between Narita and Sendai are not available. The best way to travel from Narita to Sendai is to take a JR (Japan Railways) Narita Express to JR Tokyo Station (55 minutes), and then Transfer to the Tohoku Shinkansen (Bullet Train) bound for Sendai (approximately 2 hours). Alternatively, you may take the Sky Liner on the Keisei Electric Railway Ltd. to Ueno, then take the Shinkansen from there or from Tokyo .

Japan Rail Pass

For many participants, it might be advisable to purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS (28,000 yen for 7 days, 45,100 yen for 14 days, 57,700 yen for 21 days) through your travel agent before leaving for Japan , especially if you plan to go somewhere else before/after the Conference. Purchasing the PASS is available only outside Japan , and is an inexpensive and convenient way to travel on JR lines, it also simplifies the ticket purchasing process. The JAPAN RAIL PASS covers most rail charges, including reserved seats on Shinkansen and the other express trains. Register your PASS at a JR Station on the first day of use. If you do not buy a pass, you must purchase a through -thicket from Narita Airport to Sendai along with two express tickets for the Narita-Tokyo and Tokyo-Sendai journeys. (one way: total about 14,000 yen). The following sections detail several ways to get to Sendai .


(1) Japan Railways (JR) from New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) Many international flights arrive at Narita Airport in the late afternoon. However, the last Shinkansen from JR Tokyo Station to Sendai departs at 21:32 (this arrives at Sendai Station at 23:46 ). To catch the last Shikansen, you must take the 19:46 train from JR Narita Airport Station, which arrives at Tokyo Station at 20:55 (note that you will need 20 min to transfer at JR Tokyo Station). Therefore, if your flight is scheduled to arrive later than 19:00 , it is advisable to reserve a room either near the airport or in Tokyo .


The price of the Narita Express is about 3,000 yen. For this train, you always have to make a reservation, but it can be made on the spot. You can also use a non-reserved express ticket. If you have to wait for more than 30 min for the next Narita Express, you may take a "Rapid train" (called Airport Narita); every JR train from Narita goes to JR Tokyo Station.


When you arrive at the basement level of Tokyo Station via the Narita Express or Airport Narita, follow the signs for "Tohoku-Shinkansen" all the way up to the uppermost level, The bullet trains called "Yamabiko" and/or "Komachi" depart from tracks 22 and 23. It takes about 2 hours to reach Sendai . Reservation seats on the Tohoku Shinkansen must be purchased in advance. For all of them, 2 to 4 trains depart every hour. The price of the Shikansen to Sendai is about 11,000 yen. Some Yamabiko trains are combined with other express trains such as Tsubasa and Komachi. Only Yamabiko and Komachi cars go to Sendai . On the Shinkansen you may take a non-reserved seat if you fail to book a seat in advance (or catch an earlier train).


Transportation between Sendai Airport and downtown: There is a shuttle bus service from Sendai Airport to Sendai Station (40 min. 910 yen) for each arrival flight. You are recommended to take this bus to Sendai Station. Taxis cost about 5,000 yen from Sendai Airport to the Center of Sendai and the major hotels. You may also take a taxi directly to the Miyagi-Zao Royal Hotel. It will cost about 10,000 yen and takes about 40mins.

Japan Rail Pass

Every visitor entering Japan must possess a valid passport. Participants requiring an entry visa should apply to the Japanese consular office or diplomatic missions in their countries in advance.


In October, the weather in the conference site is usually sunny. The average temperature is 15 C. (The average low and high temperatures are 10 and 17 C, respectively.) Sweaters or light jackets are advised for sightseeing excursion. You can enjoy the full autumnal tints in mountain areas.


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