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Biomedical Flow Dynamics Laboratory

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The focus of the biomedical flow dynamics laboratory is to develop new concept of implant especially based on flow and to establish new methods for evaluating the implants. For example, when you treat a cerebral aneurysm with endovascular treatment, you should know the effects of medical devices on controls of blood flow. The flow may depend on the geometry, materials and clinical conditions. Since these are so big issues, we collaborate with biomaterial groups, biomechanical groups, and medical groups to gather their top knowledge. This field is called as a life science, or biomedical engineering. The aim of this lab is to support and improve our social quality of life by biomedical engineering.

Simulation of Therapy with Strategy

A smart therapy has good strategy with controlling human tissues such as blood flow, blood, and artery. In this field, we try to develop medical devices such as stent and evaluation system using biomaterials or computational simulations.

The image below shows an integration of realistic stent data realistic patient data. Our team firstly succeeded to develop this method in the world. And provided this techniques to VISC (2006).

PVA biomodel is available to use under medical image equipment such as CT, MRI, or ultrasound and to be used for development of new medical treatment or devices. And so, PVA biomodel attracts not only neuro-surgeon fields, but also micro-surgeon fields.

Biomedical Flow Dynamics Laboratory