Creative Flow Research Division

Creative Flow Research Division

Flow Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Electromagnetic Functional Flow Dynamics Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Taku Ohara
Associate Professor : Hidemasa Takana
Intelligent Fluid Control Systems Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Shigeru Obayashi
Integrated Simulation Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Professor : Toshiyuki Hayase
Assistant Professor : Suguru Myauchi
Biomedical Flow Dynamics Laboratory Professor : Makoto Ohta
Assistant Professor : Hitomi Anzai
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Simon TUPIN
Aerospace Fluid Engineering Laboratory Professor : Shigeru Obayashi
Associate Professor : Koji Shimoyama
Assistant Professor : Aiko Yakeno
Spacecraft Thermal and Fluids Systems Laboratory Professor : Hiroki Nagai
Assistant Professor : Koji Fujita
Design of Structure and Flow in the Earth Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Takatoshi Ito
Assistant Professor : Anna Suzuki

The Creative Flow Research Division conducts research on creation of novel flow functions.

■Creation of novel flow functions using an electromagnetic field

■Development of next-generation intelligent fluid control devices and systems

■Development of advanced medical devices based on measurement-integrated simulation

■Clarification of flow dynamics in a living body

■Innovation, safety, and manufacturing of aerospace systems

■Creation of innovative thermal and fluids control systems for next generation spacecraft

■Theoretical and experimental research on flow interaction phenomena

■Harmonic design of energy systems with nature

Creative Flow Research Division