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Green Nanotechnology Laboratory

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To fabricate next generation nano-scale devices, plasma, beam (ion and neutral beam), atom manipulation and bio-nano processes must be precisely controlled. This laboratory plans to study the interaction between reactive species (electrons, ions, atom, molecular, radical and photon) and material surfaces. Additionally, based on atom and molecular processes, future bio-nano processes have been also investigated. Our goal is “Intelligent Nano-Processes” by combination of digital processes (atomic layer processes) and simulations of surface chemical reactions.

Intelligent Nano-Process Laboratory

Based on neutral beam technology (invented by Prof. Samukawa), ultra-precise nanofabrication are developed with excellent performance of ultra-low damage, including etching, deposition, surface modification, etc.. Our goal is to realize “Intelligent Nano-Processes” through the fusion of experiments and computer simulation. Furthermore, we combine bio-technology with our nano-technology to develop new functional devices, such as quantum dot solar cell, quantum dot laser, spike neuron device, etc.. Additionally, we work on, 3-dimensional MOSFET, organic flexible device, etc., as the next generation devices.

New Quantum Effect Devices by the Fusion of the Biotechnology and Damage-Free Neutral-Beam Technology

An innovative top-down method, a fusion of bio-template and damage-free neutral beam etching, is proposed by Prof. Seiji Samukawa to fabricate highly ordered and dense nanostructure array without defect. It has great potential for fabricating new quantum effect devices, such quantum dot solar cell and quantum dot laser.

Plasma Damage Prediction by Combining On-Wafer Monitoring and Modeling

Charged particles and ultraviolet light exposures during plasma processing degrade the semiconductor device performance. To reduce the damage, the prediction system of plasma damage is developed by combining the on-wafer monitoring technique and surface modeling .

Green Nanotechnology Laboratory