Global Collaborative Research and Education Center for Integrated Flow Science (IFS-GCORE)

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Green Nanotechnology Laboratory Professor : Kazuhiko Endo
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Daisuke Ohori
High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory Professor : Hideaki Kobayashi
Associate Professor : Akihiro Hayakawa
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Sophie COLSON
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : XIA YU
Energy Resources Geomechanics Laboratory Professor : Takatoshi Ito
Assistant Professor : Yusuke Mukuhira
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Bailong LIU
Energy Dynamics Laboratory Professor : Kaoru Maruta
Associate Professor : Hisashi Nakamura
Assistant Professor : Youhi Morii
Multiphase Flow Energy Laboratory Professor : Jun Ishimoto
Assistant Professor : Ippei Oshima
Multi-Physics Design Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Shigeru Obayashi
Concurrent Professor : Tomonaga Okabe
Assistant Professor : Yoshiaki Abe
Mechanical Systems Evaluation Laboratory Professor : Tetsuya Uchimoto
Assistant Professor : Sho Takeda
Advanced Materials and Fluids Design Laboratory Associate Professor : Kaori Yuse
Associate Professor : Joly-Pottuz Lucile
Associate Professor : Frindel Carole
Specially Appointed Professor : Jean-Yves Cavaille
Flow Dynamics Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Makoto Ohta
Concurrent Professor : Atsuki Komiya
Concurrent Professor : Hidemasa Takana
Concurrent Assistant Professor : Aiko Yakeno
Concurrent Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Sophie COLSON
Novel Battery Nanoscale Flow Concurrent Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Takashi Tokumasu
Integrated Flow Science and Technology Laboratory (Visiting Professor)
Advanced Integrated Flow Science Laboratory (Foreign Visiting Professor)

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