Global Collaborative Research and Education Center for Integrated Flow Science (IFS-GCORE)

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Green Nanotechnology Laboratory Professor : Kazuhiko Endo
Assistant Professor : Daisuke Ohori
High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Hideaki Kobayashi
Associate Professor : Akihiro Hayakawa
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Xia YU
Energy Resources Geomechanics Laboratory Professor : Takatoshi Ito
Assistant Professor : Yusuke Mukuhira
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Wang LU
Energy Dynamics Laboratory Professor : Kaoru Maruta
Associate Professor : Hisashi Nakamura
Assistant Professor : Youhi Morii
Multiphase Flow Energy Laboratory Professor : Jun Ishimoto
Assistant Professor : Ippei Oshima
Multi-Physics Design Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Shigeru Obayashi
Concurrent Professor : Tomonaga Okabe
Assistant Professor : Yoshiaki Abe
Mechanical Systems Evaluation Laboratory Professor : Tetsuya Uchimoto
Assistant Professor : Sho Takeda
Advanced Materials and Fluids Design Laboratory Associate Professor : Kaori Yuse
Associate Professor : Joly-Pottuz Lucile
Associate Professor : Frindel Carole
Specially Appointed Professor : Jean-Yves Cavaille
Flow Dynamics Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Makoto Ohta
Concurrent Professor : Atsuki Komiya
Concurrent Professor : Hidemasa Takana
Concurrent Assistant Professor : Aiko Yakeno
Novel Battery Nanoscale Flow Concurrent Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Takashi Tokumasu
Integrated Flow Science and Technology Laboratory (Visiting Professor)
Advanced Integrated Flow Science Laboratory (Foreign Visiting Professor)
The Global Collaborative Research and Education Center for Integrated Flow Science (IFS-GCORE) will conduct research on the academic foundation of integrated flow science for its deployment in diverse application fields, including green nanotechnology and fuel ammonia. We will promote international joint research and education with overseas centers in France, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S., and aim to become an alliance-type international base that creates social impact.

■ Advanced green nanodevices based on atomic layer control processes
■ Combustion phenomena in aerospace propulsion systems and energy apparatuses
■ Development of greater depth subsurface system for the resolution of environmental and energy issues
■ Development of advanced combustion technologies and reaction models for future carbon-free fuels
■ Development of integrated multiscale multiphase flow energy system
■ Theory and algorithm development for computational analysis of multiphysics problems in aeroscience
■ Theoretical design of innovative batteries based on the analysis and control of nanoscale flow
■ Integrated flow science and technology to contribute to the solution of societal issues (Visitting Professor)
■ Advanced integrated flow science (Foreign Visitting Professor)

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