Global Collaborative Research and Education Center (GCORE)


Director of GCORE Tetsuya UCHIMOTO Professor
Deputy Director of GCORE Takashi TOKUMASU Professor
Members Kaoru MARUTA Director of IFS, Professor/Jun ISHIMOTO Professor/Makoto OHTA Professor/Atsuki KOMIYA Professor/Kenichi FUNAMOTO Associate Professor/Akihiro HAYAKAWA Associate Professor/Hisanori MASUDA URA
GCORE Office Fukuo OHTA Office Manager/Shinichi SATO Deputy Office Manager


International Exchange Activity Goals

1. Become an international research center with the highest of standards in the academic field of flow dynamics by sharing its accomplishments with the world and actively developing international collaborative research and human exchanges among researchers and students through international networks and overseas hubs, such as liaison offices established by IFS.

2. Pursue the“Open door”policy of Tohoku University by inviting diverse and capable scholars from all over the world for the development of fluid science, and foster researchers and engineers who can exercise leadership internationally through their research activities.

International Exchange Activity Policy

1. Strengthen international multi-networks by effective use of overseas academic liaison offices and develop international association networks for flow dynamics with IFS as the core. Implement internationally recognized first-class research and foster world-class students and young researchers at home and overseas using these networks.

2. Accelerate educational, research and human exchanges by making the most effective use of the university/institute level of academic agreements to introduce researchers at IFS into the world arena.

3. Enhance the international activities of IFS by further developing the support system of international academic exchanges.

4. Strive to acquire sustainable funds to be budgeted for the establishment of a research center with the highest of standards in the field of flow dynamics. Effectively conduct international projects financed by international sources or the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).