Nanoscale Flow Research Division

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Non-Equilibrium Molecular Gas Flow Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Taku Ohara
Molecular Heat Transfer Laboratory Professor : Taku Ohara
Assistant Professor : Donatas SURBLYS
Quantum Nanoscale Flow Systems Laboratory Professor : Takashi Tokumasu
Assistant Professor : Takuya Mabuchi
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Yuting GUO
Biological Nanoscale Reactive Flow Laboratory Professor : Takehiko Sato
Assistant Professor : Siwei LIU
Molecular Composite Flow Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Taku Ohara
Associate Professor : Gota Kikugawa
Nanoscale Flow Application Laboratory (Visiting Professor)

The Nanoscale Flow Research Division conducts research to clarify nanoscale flow phenomena.

  • ■Physical and transport phenomena in non-equilibrium gas flow and their applications
  • ■Nanoscale flow and interfacial phenomena and their applications
  • ■Physical mechanism of the quantum effect of fluid molecules on flow dynamics
  • ■Reactions, thermal flow dynamics of plasma flow and their application for medical engineering
  • ■Transport phenomena in large-scale composite systems governed by molecular physics and their applications
  • ■Development of novel flow devices utilizing unique nanoscale flow and interfacial phenomena