Lyon Center(LyC)

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Mechanical Systems Evaluation Laboratory Professor : Tetsuya Uchimoto
Assistant Professor : Sho Takeda
Advanced Materials and Fluids Design Laboratory Associate Professor : Kaori Yuse
Associate Professor : Joly-Pottuz Lucile
Associate Professor : Frindel Carole
Specially Appointed Professor : Jean-Yves Cavaille
Flow Dynamics Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Makoto Ohta
Concurrent Professor : Atsuki Komiya
Concurrent Professor : Hidemasa Takana
Concurrent Assistant Professor : Aiko Yakeno
Concurrent Specially Appointed Assistant Professor : Sophie COLSON

The Lyon Center (LyC) was established to promote international joint research activities which the IFS faculty members and graduate students staying at Universite de Lyon (INSA Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon) carry out. Especially, we explore interdisciplinary science based on materials science and fluid science to answer current social challenges in the fields of transportation, energy and engineeringfor health.

  • ■Intelligent sensing and evaluation of mechanical systems
  • ■Design of smart materials and fluids system
  • ■Spatiotemporal multiscale clarification of flow dynamics