Lyon Center(LyC) – Integration Research Center for Materials and Fluid Sciences

Mechanical Systems Evaluation Laboratory

  • ProfessorTetsuya Uchimoto

  • Assistant ProfessorSho Takeda

In lifecycle management of next-generation transportation systems and energy plants, evaluation of degradation and damage of structural materials induced by flow is one of key issues. Our laboratory is conducting research on sensing and monitoring that increase reliability and safety of these systems. Our activities include evaluation of degradation and damage in various materials by electromagnetic nondestructive testing, development of high temperature sensors, reliable sensing by sensor fusion, inverse approach, and so on. We aims at applying these sensors and testing methods to online monitoring.

Evaluation of Degradation and Damage in Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber by Electromagnetic Nondestructive Testing

The residual life estimation based on damage evaluation is very important to ensure the safety of the repeated engine operation and the reusable systems. We apply eddy current testing (ECT) to detection and evaluation of cracks in a rocket engine combustion chamber, and novel probes and signal processing method are being developed.

Development of high temperature sensors and their application to online monitoring

Our laboratory develops the next generation sensors for high temperature environment. We propose an electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) design using an air-cored solenoid coil as a pulsed electromagnet, and prototype probe (photo) operation is confirmed in the range from room temperature to 700 degrees C. It can be applied to high-temperature non-contact monitoring of metal processing.

Nondestructive Evaluation of Degradation of Structural Materials Using Electromagnetic Testing

Nondestructive evaluation of materials degradation such as residual stress, residual strain, creep and fatigue can be one of effective tools for lifecycle managements of structural components. Our laboratory has been developing electromagnetic testing methods to evaluate material degradation. Recently, we have developed eddy current magnetic signature method that can evaluate residual stress in steels precisely.