Complex Flow Research Division

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Heat Transfer Control Laboratory Professor : Atsuki Komiya
Assistant Professor : Yuki Kanda
Advanced Fluid Machinery Systems Laboratory Professor : Yuka Iga
Associate Professor : Junnosuke Okajima
Complex Shock Wave Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Hiroki Nagai
Concurrent Associate Professor : Kiyonobu Ohtani
Computational Fluid Physics Laboratory Professor : Yuji Hattori
Associate Professor : Makoto Hirota

The Complex Flow Research Division conducts research to clarify complex flow phenomena.

  • ■Spatiotemporal multi-scale heat and mass transfer in complicated systems
  • ■Clarification of complex flow with cavitation or boiling and advancement of fluid machinery systems
  • ■Interfacial phenomena with shock waves in complex media
  • ■Large-scale numerical simulation for universal principles in fluid dynamics