Complex Flow Research Division

Complex Shock Wave Laboratory

  • Concurrent ProfessorHiroki Nagai

  • Concurrent Specially Appointed Associate ProfessorKiyonobu Ohtani

Shock wave phenomena associated with various research field such as aerospace engineering, material engineering, medical and biomedical engineering, and geophysics, is significant problem. The complex shock wave laboratory investigates complex propagation phenomena of shock wave in gas-liquid-solid three-phase for understanding a fundamental mechanism and its interdisciplinary application.

Study on Shock Wave Propagation Phenomena for Human Body Tissue Protection

Shock wave propagation in water similar to material for forming tissue of living and expansion wave phenomena are an important area of research for shock wave medical and biomedical application. We focus on acoustic impedance value, obtained for the product of the density and sound speed in substance, investigates to shock wave propagation and interaction phenomena in simulated biological model in consideration of acoustic impedance for understanding of shock wave tissue damage mechanism. We aim establishment of human body tissue protection method from shock wave by using the obtained knowledge about shock wave propagation phenomena such as local elevation of pressure and negative-pressure region related to cavitation bubble generation.
  • Shock wave propagation phenomena in simulated biological model in consideration of acoustic impedance

Establishment of Shock Wave Pressure Active Control Method

We aim establishment of shock wave pressure active control method by using shock wave attenuation phenomena due to shock wave interaction and diffraction, and shock wave enhancement phenomena due to shock wave reflection and focusing. These achievements are expected to mitigate serious effects caused by shock wave to artificial construction and human body, to develop new device for industrial application by using shock wave pressure.
  • Sequential shadowgraph image
  • Pressures history
    • Shock wave pressure reduction by shock wave interaction with water mist

Study on Supersonic Free-flight Projectile for Aerodynamics

We investigate experimentally aerodynamic properties for supersonic free-flight model, its generated shock wave and flow fields regarding development of the silent supersonic transport and Mars entry capsule by using ballistic range. And we focus on a development of supersonic launching method for various complex shaped models and their quantitative and qualitative new measurement.
  • Supersonic free-flight of capsule model in CO2 gas
  • Development of new supersonic model launching method (Supersonic free-flight ring shaped model)