Lyon Center

Lyon Center(LyC)
Integration Research Center for Materials and Fluid Sciences

About Lyon Center

The Lyon Center was established in Université de Lyon in April 2018 by Tohoku University’s Institute of Fluid Science. At this center, fluid science researchers from the IFS and other Japanese institutions will conduct collaborative research projects with materials science researchers mainly from Université de Lyon. Through these collaborative research activities, we will also educate young researchers and students.

The IFS is pioneering a new type of problem-solving academic program, a combination of different academic fields with fluid science as its base, and is addressing social problems related to energy, next-generation transport systems and medical engineering. To encourage further progress and developments we established its base at Université de Lyon, a center for Europe’s materials science research and academia-industry cooperation. From here we will operate an international research unit, do collaborative research utilizing the strengths of each party, and promote world-leading human resources development.

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