Complex Flow Research Division

Complex Flow Research Division

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory Professor : Hideaki Kobayashi
Assistant Professor : Akihiro Hayakawa
Heat Transfer Control Laboratory Professor : Atsuki Komiya
Advanced Fluid Machinery Systems Laboratory Professor : Yuka Iga
Assistant Professor : Junnosuke Okajima
Complex Shock Wave Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Shigeru Obayashi
Computational Fluid Physics Laboratory Professor : Yuji Hattori
Associate Professor : Makoto Hirota

The Complex Flow Research Division conducts research to clarify complex flow phenomena.

■Combustion phenomena in aerospace propulsion systems and energy apparatuses

■Nano- to mega-scale heat and mass transfer in complicated systems

■Combined flow and heat-transfer phenomena of cryogenic solid-liquid two-phase flow

■Complex flow accompanied by cavitation and advanced fluid machinery systems

■Interfacial phenomena with shock waves in complex media

■Large-scale numerical simulation for universal principles in fluid dynamics

■Theoretical modeling for universality and specialty of complex flow phenomena

Complex Flow Research Division