Innovative Energy Research Center

Innovative Energy Research Center

Field distinction Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant professor
Green Nanotechnology Laboratory Professor : Seiji Samukawa
Energy Resources Geomechanics Laboratory Professor : Takatoshi Ito
Assistant Professor : Yusuke Mukuhira
Energy Dynamics Laboratory Professor : Kaoru Maruta
Associate Professor : Hisashi Nakamura
Assistant Professor : Youhi Morii
System Energy Maintenance Laboratory Professor : Toshiyuki Takagi
Assistant Professor : Hiroyuki Kosukegawa
Multiphase Flow Energy Laboratory Professor : Jun Ishimoto
Assistant Professor : Naoya Ochiai
Energy Science and Technology Laboratory (Visiting Professor)
Advanced Energy Engineering Laboratory (Foreign Visiting Professor)
Novel Battery Nanoscale Flow Concurrent Laboratory Concurrent Professor : Takashi Tokumasu

The Innovative Energy Research Center conducts multidisciplinary fluid science research on the utilization of unused energy.

■Innovative green nanodevices based on intelligent nanoprocesses

■Deep subsurface systems for the resolution of environmental and energy issues

■Combustion with higher exergy efficiency based on new concept combustioin technology

■Optimization of maintenance activities using advanced sensing and material evaluation

■Innovative multi-phase flow technology and realization of sustainable energy systems

■Science and technology, and energy policy to contribute to the solution of energy problems

■Advanced energy related technologies

■Theoretical design of innovative batteries based on the analysis and control of nanoscale flow

Innovative Energy Research Center