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Graduation ceremony

Mr.Tokita(MC2) and Ms.Tokuda(BC4) participated in the graduation ceremony.

Farewel trip

Farewell trip was held with members in Takagi lab.

Tour to Hamaoka nuclear power station

We visited Hamaoka nuclear power station of CHUBU Electric Power Co.,Inc.

End-of-year party

2017.12.15 We joined the end-of-year party with Takagi lab. and ELyT-MAX.
18 We had our private party.

Katahira Festival 2017

2017.10.7-8 We participated in Katahira Festival 2017 which is the open house of Tohoku University's research institutes and center.

Mr.Matsumoto(DC2) received award!

2017.9.6-8 Mr.Matsumoto(DC2) received award from XXII International Workshop on ELECTROMAGNETIC NONDESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION.

Mr.Matsumoto received award!

2017.8.4 Mr.Matsumoto(DC2) received award from the domestic conference "日本保全学会第14回学術講演会".

Open campus

Our laboratory took part in open campus of Tohoku University.

Tour to JAXA Kakuda Space Center

We visited JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Kakuda Space Center.

Mr.Tokita got award!

2017.7.13 Mr.Tokita(MC2) received award from the domestic conference"日本非破壊検査協会 先進的非破壊評価合同シンポジウム".

Hanami party

2017.4.15 Hanami party was held with members in Takagi lab., Ogawa lab., Watanabe lab., and ELyT MAX.

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