@In lifecycle management of next-generation transportation systems and energy plants, evaluation of degradation and damage of structural materials induced by flow is one of key issues.
@Our laboratory is conducting research on sensing and monitoring that increase reliability and safety of these systems. Our activities include evaluation of degradation and damage in various materials by electromagnetic nondestructive testing methods, development of high temperature sensors, reliable sensing by sensor fusion, inverse approach, and so on.
@We aims at applying these sensors and testing methods to online monitoring.


  1. Electromagnetic NDE of Residual Strain in Steel Components of by Magnetic Incremental Permeability Method
  2. Evaluation of Nonlinear Responece of Cracks by the Transmittig System of Electromagnetic Acoustic Wave with Large Amplitude
  3. Non-destructive Evaluation of Structural Material for Hydrogen Station by Excitation Control Eddy Current Testing
  4. Electromagnetic Modeling of Environmental Fatigue Crack for Eddy Current Testing
  5. Improvement of Crack Sizing in Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber by Eddy Current Testing
  6. Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation of Polymer-metal Fiber Composite Coating for Corrosion Protection
  7. Application of Big Data Analysis to Data Pool of Nondestructive Testing
  8. Study of the Automatic Adjustment System for Test Condition of Eddy Current Testing

Mechanical Systems Evaluation Laboratory
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Institute of Fluid Science
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