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There are various flows such as airflow, water flow and blood flow and so on. These fluids(objects that are flowing) consist of atoms and molecules.

To understand the nature of such flows, it is necessary to consider the flow from the view of the behavior of atoms and molecules.

We aim at analyzing fluid flow properties in nanoscale by performing numerical simulations using supercomputer, concentrating on the motion of atoms and molecules.

Our research contributes to preventing deterioration and to increasing efficiency of fuel cell which is expected as a next-generation power source from the viewpoint of global environment. We believe our research will pave the way for nanotechnology which has been used in various fields.

Life in lab

①Why I chose Tokumasu Lab
・I participated an internship for two weeks in Tokumasu lab when I was in an international college of technology. At that time, because I was attracted by rich research environments and excellent activities, so I chose Tokumasu Lab.

②The good point of Tokumasu Lab
・If you want to challenge yourself, there is the environment to support you. You can participate in conferences in the world as well as in Japan, study abroad and so on. In addition, educational systems for the research is also substantial for overseas students. You will be surprised at how wonderful the education system is. From the aspect of daily life, Tokumasu Lab has various events such as cherry-blossom viewing party, Hot pot party, and drinking party to get refreshed.

③What I want to tell our future members
・When you decide the laboratory, of course, the research content is very important for you. It’s true. However, I think “who with to do” is also important not only “what to do”. Many members of Tokumasu Lab are attracted to the research environment, especially people. Please feel free to visit the Tokumasu Lab once. I am really looking forward to studying with you.

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