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Information for Authors

Here is some information to make the final drafts for Volume Graphics 2003 proceedings.

  1. Your paper must be formatted according to the Eurographics publication guidelines, which are available from You are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX and the style files which you can find there. But please use VG2003.sty, instead of egWsVE2002.sty for making correct, all the workshop-specific information, including headings and copyright. The style file is called in the main text by using \usepackage command. The sample pdf file is here. If you use Word or other DTP software, a special care must be taken so that the workshop-specific information appears correctly in the final copy as in the sample pdf file.
  2. The final copy is limited to 8 double-column pages, plus one color page. If your paper requires more or fewer pages, please inform us as soon as possible.
  3. The camera ready draft due is March 28, 2003 (Friday).
  4. Please email the camera-ready papers to
    • Stephen Spencer
    • ,
    • VG03.
    You also need to fax the completed and signed copyright form (with a cover sheet addressing the fax) to Stephen Spencer: +1-206-543-2969 and Issei Fujishiro: +81-3-5978-5705 and to send the original to Dieter Fellner (see addendum web-page).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Issei Fujishiro, Klaus Mueller

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