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18:00-21:00 Nakajima Lab. Open House and Welcome Reception
    Nakajima Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology ( West Bldg. 8 E (4F) )
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9:00-9:15 Opening
     Chair: Issei Fujishiro (Ochanomizu University)
9:15-10:30 Keynote Speech
     Chair: Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University)
    Volumetric Filtering, Structure Modeling and Visualization of MacroMolecular Assemblies
Chandrajit Bajaj (University of Texas at Austin)
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:00 Session1:  Visualization
     Chair: Kwan-Liu Ma (University of California at Davis)
    Remote View-dependent Isosurface Visualization
Z. Liu, K. Li (Princeton University)
    Rapid Emission Tomography Reconstruction
K. Chidlow, T. Moeller (Simon Fraser University)
    Chronovolumes: A Direct Rendering Technique for Visualizing Time-Varying Data
J. Woodring, H.-W. Shen (The Ohio State University)
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Session2:  Modeling and Manipulation
     Chair: Takayuki Itoh (IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory)
    Spatial Transfer Functions-A Unified Approach to Specifying Deformation in Volume Modeling and Animation
M. Chen*, D. Silver**, A. S. Winter*, V. Singh**, N. Cornea** (*University of Wales Swansea, **Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
    Real-Time Volume Manipulation
V. Singh, D. Silver, N. Cornea (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
    Volumetric Ablation Rendering
H. Varadhan, K. Mueller (Stony Brook University)
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-16:30 Session3:  Device and Library
     Chair: Shigeru Muraki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
    The Design and Evaluation of a Pipelined Image Compositing Device for Massively Parallel Volume Rendering
M. Ogata*, S. Muraki**, X. Liu*, K.-L. Ma*** (*Mitsubishi Precision, **National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, ***University of California at Davis)
    OpenVL-The Open Volume Library
S. Lakare, A. Kaufman (Stony Brook University)
17:00-21:30 Banquet
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9:00-10:00 Session4:  Representation
     Chair: Shin-ichiro Mori (Kyoto University)
    Accuracy-Based Sampling and Reconstruction with Adaptive Grid for Parallel Hierarchical Tetrahedrization
H.T. Tanaka, Y. Takama, H. Wakabayashi (Ritsumeikan University)
    Multiresolution Volume Simplification and Polygonization
N. Zhang, A. Kaufman (Stony Brook University)
    Out-of-Core Encoding Of Large Tetrahedral Meshes
S.-K.Ueng (National Taiwan Ocean University)
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-12:00 Session5: Rendering
     Chiar: Tomoyuki Nishita (University of Tokyo)
    Cell Projection of Convex Polyhedra
S. Roettger, T. Ertl (University of Stuttgart)
    Integrating Pre-Integration Into The Shear-Warp Algorithm
J. P. Schulze*, M. Kraus**, U. Lang*, T. Ertl** (*High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, ** University of Stuttgart)
    Hybrid Forward Resampling and Volume Rendering
X. Yuan, M. X. Nguyen, H. Xu, B. Chen (University of Minnesota at Twin Cities)
12:00-12:30 Invited Talk
     Chair: Min Chen (University of Wales Swansea)
    Virtual Colonoscopy
Arie E. Kaufman (Stony Brook University)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Session6:  Systems and Applications
     Chair: Baoquan Chen (University of Minnesota)
    A Volume Rendering Approach for Sea Surfaces Taking into Account Second Order Scattering Using Scattering Maps
K. Iwasaki*, Y. Dobashi**, T. Nishita* (*The University of Tokyo, **Hokkaido University)
    An Interactive Volume Visualization System for Transient Flow Analysis
G. G. Rosa*, E. B. Lum*, K.-L. Ma*, K. Ono** (*University of California at Davis, **University of Tokyo)
    Volume CAD
K. Kase*, Y. Teshima*, S. Usami* **, H. Ohmori*, C. Teodosiu* ***, A. Makinouchi* (*RIKEN, **Armonicos Co., Ltd., ***University Paris 13)
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:15 Capstone Address
     Chair: Arie Kaufman (Stony Brook University)
    On Science of Computer Visualization
Tosiyasu L. Kunii (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
17:15-17:30 ClosingI
     Chair: Arie Kaufman (Stony Brook University)
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