High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory

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High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory

Assistant Professor

Combustion is a complex phenomenon composed of multi-dimensional dynamics of temperature, concentration, velocity, and chemical reactions. And also advanced combustion technologies are essential for solving the environmental and energy problems. Our laboratory focuses on investigation of combustion phenomena, development of diagnostics and analysis method. Projects on turbulent combustion at high pressure and high temperature, heterogeneous combustion such as fuel spray and wastes, and controlling of supersonic combustion are in progress.

Combustion Science and Highly Efficient Energy Technology

Combustion as a core of energy technologies today requires development of new fuels and further increase in thermal efficiency as well as deep understandings of aerothermochemistry. Turbulent combustion mechanism in a high pressure and high temperature environment for highly efficient energy systems is investigated using advanced laser diagnostics.

Interaction of Incident Shock Wave with Fuel Jet in Supersonic Flow

Researches on mixing, combustion and interaction of shock wave in supersonic flow are essential for the development of next-generation supersonic combustion engine. In this study, planar laser induced fluorescence for NO (NO-PLIF) and numerical simulation are performed, and investigation of effects of the incident shock wave on the mixing process are conducted for exploration of flame-holdings mechanism.

Investigation of Reaction Mechanisms under Extreme Conditions

In practical high-loaded combustors, combustion occurs in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. In auto-thermal reformers reforming reactions occur in high-pressure conditions with the super-heated stream dilution. We are investigating chemical reaction mechanisms under such extreme conditions to contribute to the development of low-emission and high-efficient combustion technologies.

High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory