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Heat Transfer Control Laboratory

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Precise and active controls of heat and mass transfer under extreme conditions such as micro/nano scale and zero-gravity environments are important for future science and technology. This laboratory has been conducting research on the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer controls using an advanced optical system, and applies them to the low emission energy system and heat transfer enhancement. Heat transfer in intra-vital condition are also investigated.

Precise Visualization of Complex Mass Transport Phenomena by Modified Interferometer

A precise measurement system of mass transport phenomena in sub-micron scale is developed by using an optical system. By applying the phase shifting technique to the conventional interferometer, we precisely visualize transient mass diffusion field or gas absorption process at gas-liquid interface. Quantitative evaluation of mass transport phenomena in complex system is studied.

Measurement of Precursor Film Dynamics by Phase Shifting Ellipsometer

An experimental investigation in the vicinity of boundary area of three phases, solid-liquid-gas interface namely “contact line” are important for understanding of the phase change phenomena such as wetting, drying and surface events of heat transfer. A visualization system for the measurement of nano-scale thickness distribution of the precursor film is developed. From the visualization results, the relation between circumferential shape of precursor film and surrounding condition is investigated.

High Heat Flux Cooling by Phase Change Heat Transfer in Microscale

To realize the high performance cooling in small area, high heat flux cooling mechanism by phase change heat transfer has been studied. The vapor bubble behavior in the evaporation process has been investigated by theoretical analysis and numerical simulation and their cooling performance is also evaluated. In addition, the small freezing device for cryosurgery using phase change heat transfer in microchannel has been developed.

Heat Transfer Control Laboratory